Preschool - Kindergarten

Dina Kapsali

Our School

is a meeting point,
where freedom, democracy,
solidarity and empathy
are set in motion.

Our Children

are always in the foreground
and pave their own way
for learning acquisition,
discussion and cooperation.


Find out
our school’s
latest news
and events.

Choosing routes,
pursuing encounters,
spreading ideas,
sharing feelings,
discoving crossroads…

creating new paths that we can walk together!

Dina Kapsali

Teaching Method

In our school scaffolding learning is life derived and follows the natural spiral development of children. Our spiral curriculum is inspired by innovative pedagogical approaches that reinforce self motivation, life derived discovery, emotional expression and management.



Our preschool is located in a fairytale-like house with a huge garden, a welcoming and cozy home away from home.


Our Preschool and Kindergarten groups have their own bioclimatic building, designed as a platform for life derived learning that intrigues children’s curiosity and creativity.

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