Our School

Since 1980 our school has been a first warm hug away from home, for children aged 2 to 6 years old.

A safe and accepting hug that urges children to become autonomous, by cultivating team-work and empathy, intriguing their imagination and curiosity and showing them the way to discover and acquire knowledge.

Our two autonomous buldings (Preschool and Kindergarten) are located in Melissia, near the Chalandri-Penteli gorge and within a five minute distance from each other.

Παιδικός Σταθμός Ντίνα Καψάλη Μελίσια


Νηπιαγωγείο Ντίνα Καψάλη Μελίσια


Each building is designed to suit the needs of different age groups.
Our youngest preschool students grow and evolve in their own cozy nest with a dreamlike garden, while preK and Kindergarten students develop their abstract thinking skills in a modern, bioclimatic building that intrigues their natural curiosity.

Small groups facilitate children’s first steps in a school environment.
Our small groups offer children the time and space to feel special, safe and accepted. Throughout their preschool and kindergarten years our children play, learn and interact in small groups that give them the chance to hear and be heard, work in groups, co-decide and co-develop their team’s projects and build meaningful relationships with their teachers and classmates.

Our teaching method focuses on all “languages” of communication and expression.
Movement, play, exploration, drawing, dance, music, theatre, sculpture. In an interdisciplinary framework, life derived learning activities are used to cultivate language, communication, writing and math skills, explore natural sciences and infuse environmental awareness.

School is…

A place of encounter…
that focuses on the child and follows the principles of democracy, solidarity, team-spirit and empathy.

A place of interraction…
that respects human rights and diversity, developing relationships and emotional safety.

A place of life derived learning…
that embraces and encourages children’s curiosity, to fuel thinking and acting.

A place of acceptance…
that actively listens, empathizes, accepts and creates potential for children, teachers and families.

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