A journey in the world begins!

Our preschool is located on Keas Street in the area of Melissia, right next to the beautiful park above the Penteli – Chalandri. A cozy purple house with a dreamlike garden becomes the first home away from home, the first warm hug away from Mom and Dad.

First day in class!

In their first days at school children learn how to be parts of a team, develop their own personal relationships outside of the family, socialize and build bonds…. Each group decorates its classroom, with the children’s drawings, crafts and favourite books.

The environment as the third teacher.

Our big garden is children’s favourite play area. At the same time, the tree house, the little pond, the vegetable garden and our plants and flowers enhance life derived learning, through observation and involvement.

Play is often talked about as if were a relief from learning.
But for children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.
Fred Rogers

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